Nhow We Can Lexture Our Selfs!!!!

How to Make a Hand Puppet With a Marker

One “thing that” maiks Collidge so Grate it “is” the Reely Smart idears that comes Out “of” it!!!!

Frinstints! Thare arent nevver enuugh lexturers to Go Araound!!!! Waht “do yiu” do wen yiu kneed a lexture “and thair” aint no lexturer annyware?? Not eevin “in” The Brooom Clozit!!!! I meen dam, yiu doaughnt whant to lissen “to” no lexture fromb the stopid Janniter, rihght??

But nhow The Stoden Soviet we has finded the Auntser to “the” promble!!!!!! In facked sumb boddy thay seen it “On” TV!!

All yiu has got “to” “do” is taik somb Krayons or lipp Stick or Magick Marcker (i doughnt thinck its reel Magick but mayby it is!), and drawer A Faice “on” yore Hand!!!!! then yiu jist moove yore Thum and maik a voyce and Yore Hand it tawks to yiu And “it can” give yiu A Lexture!!!!!!

One of the prefessers ze cumplaned “That” if we all goingto leckxture our selfs then wye do we kneed prefessers??? That “was” a Racist mikro grecian so we pushed his Car into “the” Pond!!!!! ennyboddy whoo crypticizes The Stodent Soviet thay Are a enema Of “the” Peeple!!!

Nhow awl i has to “do” is figgre Out sumbthing foar “My” Hand to Lexture me abuot!!!!!!

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