More ‘Sex Ed’–and More Opposition

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I’d like to stop covering these stories, but the nooze won’t let me.

We told you, years ago, that once they got started with “comprehensive sex education,” they wouldn’t stop. They got the camel’s nose into the tent, and now they’re pushing in the hump.

The latest victim of the “educators” is the people of New Jersey, who were surprised when the state Board of Education suddenly laid a new, expanded “sex ed” curriculum on them ( The educators were surprised when people called it “outrageous.”

Mixing children with sex has become a thing for them. They push it like their lives depended on it. Now opponents of the new sex ed curriculum are demanding public hearings on it. The curriculum was planned to go into effect this fall.

But not to worry! They’ll use “gender neutral pronouns.” Don’t you feel safer already?

But hey, folks–we gave them this power. We allowed them to dig deeper and deeper into our families’ private business. Just pack little Johnny off to public school each weekday, go off to work and forget about it. And now we know that was a very bad idea.

You have to take your children out of public school–unless you really want those wackos in the teachers’ unions to sexualize your children. I mean, when they’re not busy “teaching” Critical Race Theory (did you know you’re all racists?), socialism, and all that citizen of the world baloney.

You can see now that they’re not going to stop. But they can’t do it if no one’s in the classroom.

3 comments on “More ‘Sex Ed’–and More Opposition

  1. You are correct. It is our own fault. When things go wrong, it is always our own fault because we didn’t pay attention and correct it before allowing it to get out of hand. Same in gov., school, even church. We need to repent and change things with God’s help.

    1. I remember when they first tried to introduce “sex education” into NJ schools, in the 1960s–and our fathers stopped it cold. But that was a long time ago.

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