Hymns and Prayer: Our Country Needs It

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When she gets out of bed, she’ll go teach kindergarten.

Anybody out there got any hymn requests? Anyone got any prayers?

It has gotten to be the easiest thing in the world, to find and post “education outrage” stories… every single day. In fact, there are always, always, more than one. I just posted a great big one a few minutes ago.

Now the crooks in Washington are enlisting foreign intelligence agencies to crush individual American citizens–right here at home! Look at the suddenly-arisen herculean efforts to protect “groomers.” They’re teaching in our schools, running Disney Corp., and doing everything they can to push children into sex at an early age. Can we even imagine an innocent reason for this? Crikey! We had that idjit Psaki actually weeping over a few states’ efforts to rein in the groomers. Presidential spokes-creature. Hot dog.

Our country has fallen into terrible trouble; and the very worst of it is the way we use  our schools, from kindergarten through college, to “teach” and “celebrate” self-destructive evil.

The only truly productive thing we can do about it is to take the children OUT! of public school and teach them at home. Get them away from the groomers.

America needs our prayers, we need each other’s prayers, we need hymns, we need the Bible–O Jesus Christ our Lord and King, our champion: we need you!

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  1. It’s easy to look around and get discouraged by what we see, but I think it’s actually a good thing. Why? Because of the fact that we are seeing it. That means we are no longer asleep. These kind of things didn’t just crop up overnight. They were already there, we just never saw them before. And we were never supposed to see them at all but now we have. This is what the beginnings of a great awakening looks like.

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