Deaths Up 40%–Why?

In 2021 there was “an overwhelming unexplained increase in all-cause deaths,” according to Dr. Kelly Victory and others–and massive increases in all sorts of dangerous medical conditions that can cause death.


Well, Dr. Victory wants to find out. The data comes from the Dept. of Defense and several life insurance companies. By openly discussing it, she says–and, by the way, not speculating as to its cause–she has become the target of “sheer vitriol.” Like, how dare she? How dare those military doctors bring up that data?

So deaths from all causes shot up 40% in 2021. What was different about that year? A few scientists want to find out. A lot of scientists don’t. Might make the government look bad, don’t you know.

Most of the deaths were in the age category 18-49–most people’s prime working years. For instance, there was a nearly fourfold increase in cancer among those who should be relatively strong and healthy. Why?

Surely those experimental newfangled “vaccines” couldn’t have had anything to do with it. Nosireebob. It was probably due to transphobia. Or chemtrails.

Hmm… What famous zillionaire was it who kept saying he wanted to depopulate the earth?

Is someone actually trying to do it?

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  1. Embalmers have reported highly unusual blood clots — like long viscous strings rather than clumps — in the bodies they’ve been working on since the jabs were rolled out. My, my, I wonder whether there’s any causation involved. 🤔

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