No Nooze This Weekend (Except for This)

Hong Kong Disneyland closes amid China's coronavirus outbreak – Orange  County Register

Off with her head!

You know I try not to write up any nooze on the weekend–I even try to avoid reading any–because I need the two days off to recharge my brain and keep my sanity.

But I do want to salute the great state of Florida for giving the arrogant groomers at Disney Corp a good old country smackdown! The day they did it, Disney stock fell 31%. And we heard the glorious news that CNN+ has already been canceled, couldn’t last a month… and maybe the new owners will fire the gang of Far Left schnooks who turned CNN into a doofus factory (not that it was ever anything to write home about).

Anyhow, Disney picked a fight and lost. Knocked out cold in the first round. So you see, timorous quaking Republicans nationwide–it can be done. And it blamed well should be done! If you won’t do it, we’ll find and elect some folks who will.

Meanwhile, hat tip and trumpet fanfare to Gov. DeSantis and the Florida Legislature!

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  1. Gutfeld’s show on Fox was absolutely hilarious, last night in great part, laughing at how foolish Johnny Depp appeared, exposing his drug abuse as a way of deflecting criticism from more serious charges. Then they dissected the CNN+ thing. By the end of that segment, there was a lot of laughter. As they pointed out, CNN had cheered every time someone lost their job over COVID mandates, so it’s hard to feel sorry for these people.

    CNN has been in free fall for some time. I don’t think that their own mothers even watch anymore and suspect that most of their audience are people that inadvertently surfed into the channel just before the batteries died in their remotes. With new ownership, CNN as it now exists, may well be on its last legs.

    While there is a lot of stupidity in this world, there are still many people that are in possession of their faculties and realize that what they are seeing is an insult to their intelligence. They don’t have to watch, and many people obviously have turned away from CNN.

    Tucker had some good stuff too. Basically, it appears that Disney had been operating in Florida with some special treatment and now that is done for. I’ll spend the rest of the day mourning for them … or maybe not. 🙂

    Honestly, I don’t care what Disney, or anyone else does with their business, so long as their decisions are confined to their product. If Disney wants to create absolute smut, that is their prerogative and I defend their right to direct their business as they see fit. But when a company tries to throw their weight around and actually overturn the will of the voters, that is something that I cannot support. The difference is simple; I have the choice not to buy Disney’s product, so I really don’t care what they choose to produce, but when they seek to overturn law, they are interfering with the choice of others.

    Disney is a major employer in Florida, and indeed, has influence in the local economy, but this can also be inverted. Disney makes a lot of money in Florida and has placed a lot of its assets there. Disney has more to lose than the citizens of Florida. In my humble opinion, a magnitude 7 earthquake has occurred on Disney’s terra firma. The ramifications of this will be felt for some time to come.

    Keep in mind, where publicly traded companies are concerned, there is a legal responsibility to the shareholders. The directors of a publicly traded company do not own that company; the stockholders own it. If the board of a media company makes decisions that reduce the value of that company, they need to make corrections. If they stubbornly continue to press a course of action that harms the company, things can get very serious. The stockholders may well make their voices known and the board members could find themselves unemployed. I would venture that there are higher ups at Disney who are feeling a bit weak in the knees about now.

    Apparently there were five “special districts” in Florida, where businesses were basically self-governed, and all of these exemptions were legally removed yesterday. These were sweetheart deals that have lost their public support, and this has happened, in great part, because Disney decided to use their economic clout for political activism.

    I hate to sound like an angry old man, but mark my words, there is one aspect of human behavior upon which you can always count; bad actors ALWAYS go too far. ALWAYS! In California, as we speak, Assembly Bill 2223 proposes to make it legal for a parent to end the life of an infant for the first 28 days after birth. Legalized taking of the life of a living, breathing human. How many Californians would actually support this? We’ve seen some outrageous behavior in many quarters, of late, but these things will not prosper in the long run.

    This also serves a very useful purpose, in that people find these matters divisive and this is forcing people to get off the fence. If you want to go all in on the side of godlessness, then these things will important to you, and viewed as essential liberties. If, OTOH, one wants to answer to a Higher Power, these claimed rights will not be appealing and will cause a godly person to distance themselves.

    This is an interesting time.

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