The ‘Oy, Rodney’ Lawsuit

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For years now, Violet Crepuscular’s epic romance, Oy, Rodney, and Janet Kendall’s costume-thing romance, Lord of the Tube Socks, have been virtually synonymous in the public eye. That’s because there is no Oy, Rodney book cover: the reader is expected to provide it herself.

Imagine the shock waves that bilboed the publishing world yesterday when Janet Kendell emerged from a meteor crater in Mongolia to sue Ms. Crepuscular for using the Lord of the Tube Socks cover without permission. Using it hundreds of times, in fact.

“I will not circumambulate to her level,” writes Violet. “I am the Queen of Suspense. She’d better watch out or I’ll suspend her! She ought to be doing cartwheels for joy, my using the cover of her crummy wretched book that no one ever read!

“Well, I can always use another cover. I thought I was doing her a favor!”

Meanwhile, back in Scurveyshire, Constable Chumley has gone under the covers–sorry, I meant “undercover”–to carry out an extremely hazardous investigation, the nature of which has not yet been divulged. Ms. Crepuscular is too distracted to write about it this week. Suffice it to say there is a scheme that puts at risk all of Scurveyshire, and England, and the future of dental hygiene itself.

Will Oy, Rodney make it to 500 chapters? There are only 24 to go.

Stay tuned! Or you can just watch TV nooze.



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  1. And now we can hardly wait to see what new cover Ms. Crepuscular will use — and from whom she’ll (harumph) appropriate it. Next thing you know, some chef will accuse her of stealing his or her or xir recipe for toothpaste buns.

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