Today’s Public Schooling Outrage

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Are you ready for another public schooling outrage?

Secret “gender transition closets” have been set up in public schools around the country–secret from the kids’ parents, that is ( Because if mom and dad find out their child now “identifies” as another gender… “children will die, or get beat up by their parents,” say the, uh, “teachers.”

The way it works: your mother sees you off to school in your ordinary clothes; and then, when you get there, you withdraw to the “gender transition closet” where they have all sorts of clothing and “accessories” for you. When the school day is over, you change back into your regular clothes and your poor dopey parents will never catch on!

The scheme has the support of teachers’ unions and some outfit called the “Queer Teachers Fellowship.”

If this is what you want for your children, be assured the public schools will give it to you.

But be careful when you complain about it to your local school board. The FBI might list you as a terrorist. I wish I were exaggerating that last bit, but I’m not.

This has to stop. And it won’t stop until America’s children are taken out of public schools.

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  1. Unbelievable. Who would ever have thought such stupid brainless people would come up with things like this. I don’t get it- they want to do away with gender differences? at the same time, they want to teach young kids about how to do sex? Seems there is a glitch there somewhere. I scratch my head.

  2. That must be it. That would “green up” the earth, they think? So, what is the point, if there are no people left?

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