Book Review: ‘The Desecrators’ The Desecrators: Defeating the Cancel Culture Mob and  Reclaiming One Nation Under God eBook : Schlapp, Matt, Hudson, Deal W.:  Books

We’re tired of being told to “reach across the aisle” and seek compromise with a Far Left that wants to wipe us out. In fact, they try to wipe out everything that we hold sacred.

They are “the desecrators.”

I do believe the Church should play a role in politics, but politics alone is not the answer. It’s so easy for politics to corrupt God’s people. And how likely are political actors to keep their promises?

Chalcedon has been preaching this for decades: We, God’s servants, are called to work for Christ’s Kingdom–with or without political support. None of this “go along to get along,” no more sacrificing the integrity of our message in return for “a place at the table.”

This book is strong on the politics, and even stronger on the authors’ personal experiences: but we’re going to need more than politics to beat back the heathen. Faith, courage, wisdom, prayer and God’s word… and plenty of hard work that’s been left undone for way too long.

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  1. You are absolutely right in what you say. Politics is one small part of our fight, but the main part is to do all we can to straighten out the errors in the church, with patience and kindness, and become major prayer warriors. Only God’s way will do any good in this dark, fallen world.

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