Now You Can Be Wrong All the Time!

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A clock that doesn’t run at all is still right twice a day. But this is better!

The DNC Countdown Co. is now offering America a clock that’s never right! yes, we said “never.” No matter what you do with it, adjust it to your heart’s consent–you still have a 50/50 chance of being wrong every single time! What other timepiece can make that claim?

Yes! Now you can have the same kind of clock or wristwatch that President Biden uses all the time. Have you ever wondered how he can possibly be wrong about everything, every time? Have you ever wondered how a whole presidential administration, plus Dr. Fauci, can be wrong every time they flap their jaws?

It starts simply with not ever knowing what time it is!

See that clock in the picture? Is it twelve after five or twenty-five after two? All you can do is guess! And yes, you can always guess wrong. Ask anyone in Washington!

Order while the supply lasts. These are going to be hot little items. We’ll hold the cost at $1,500 each for as long as we can.

3 comments on “Now You Can Be Wrong All the Time!

  1. Aha, this explains a lot! 🙂 I found it interesting, though, that when both clock-hands are the same size I automatically read the top one first. I’m sure that’s significant, but I don’t know of what.

    And yes, I’m back from my 4-block walk in the rain to vote, and I’m coughing like a grampus now — although, come to think of it, I’ve never heard a grampus cough. And I hope I’ve managed to straighten out the AAA error (glitch in their email system). So now I have to decide whether to take my grampus-cough back out in the rain to the funeral or just lie down on my couch until Iggy’s lunchtime. I think I’ll lie down.

  2. I will probably need several of those clocks. I think I will bury one with a time capsule. Fauci says one day the pandemic is over and the next day it is back on – that man really has the power, doesn’t he. Maybe he can even stop the ocean tides like Obama.

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