Today’s School Outrage (Yeah, Another One)

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Your school tax dollars at work!

This actually happened last year, but we’re only finding out about it now.

Last year, for grades pre-K through 3 (!) at the Janney Elementary School in Washington, D.C.,”teachers” exposed children to a “presentation” called the “Anti-Racism Fight Club Fistbook” (

Laced with violent language (“throat punching,” “curbstomping,” etc.) almost to the point of it being a satire of itself–you have no idea how I wish this really were a satire–the “Fistbook” section asks children if they have any family members with “racist beliefs.” We are not told what they expect the kiddies to do if the answer is yes. Rat them out to the Justice Dept.?

And of course the entire curriculum is heavy salted with the usual we-hate-white-people rhetoric.

This is public schooling. This is what your school tax dollars pay for.

But wait, there’s more!

According to the school’s website (, 72% of the student body is “non-Hispanic white.” So 72% of the kiddies are automatically bad guys until they can somehow prove otherwise?

God help us. What sort of creatures do they have creeping out of the teachers’ colleges these days?

And what kind of parents knowingly allow their children to be “taught” by these creatures?

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  1. It is probably one of the results of denying God the Creator. Otherwise, they would know God created us white because that is what HE chose, and nobody has any right whatsoever to question HIM.

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