Where Have the ‘Pregnant People’ Gone?

iPhone update adds 'pregnant man' emoji, other gender neutral cartoons

A few days ago it was “pregnant people,” and if you said “pregnant women,” you were a “transphobe” and a hater: you denied that men could get pregnant! Boo! Hiss! And in the Portland, Oregon, school lavatories, they were making “period products” available to boys. ‘Cause boys can have periods, too, dontcha know.

Suddenly that’s all gone. Suddenly we’re back to “women’s health”–the Far Left Crazy’s euphemism for abortion. Killing unborn babies is “women’s health.” Restricting abortion is back to restricting “a woman’s right to choose.”

Where was “My body, my choice” when they were talking about vaccine mandates? What happened to that choice?

The hypocrisy is deafening. Well, when you’re dealing with people who deny there’s any such thing as truth, you have to expect that.

As our friend “Unknowable” says, if abortion is the hill they want to die on, let them.


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  1. It really is difficult for me to imagine human beings (are we sure they really are?) can be so out of touch with reality. The simplest, most cut and dried issues confuse them? Unbelievable.

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