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Battles in the Wars of the Roses |

I’m boning up on the Wars of the Roses because I really want to write the life of King Ozias, King Ryons’ ancestor, the last anointed king of Obann. Ozias, who wrote many of the Sacred Songs and was spiritually sustained by them, was born into a turbulent and dangerous time.

His father, the gentle and easygoing King Flosi II, lost his throne to treason. His mother, Queen Parella, escaped to Lintum Forest with her child, the crown prince. For most of his boyhood Ozias learned the ways of the forest and how to survive there. The usurpers in Obann City sought again and again to murder him, and he and his mother had many narrow escapes.

Quite a few readers have noted the resemblances between Ozias and David. It has always been my intention that they should. Both kings put their trust in God. And attentive readers know it was Ozias, in obedience to the words of a prophet, Batha the Seer, who erected God’s Bell on the summit of Bell Mountain.

Anyway, there’s a lot to this story and when the weather decides to cooperate, I look forward to telling it.

Even if it takes more than one book.

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  1. Why the Wars of the Roses, though? (I’m a Yorkist myself, and an ardent Ricardian.)

    1. The Wars of the Roses featured catastrophic events stemming from what we today would deem trivial causes. But once the storm began, there was no shutting it down. (Yes, the Yorkists had a better title to the throne.)

      I want to get a feel for this historical era so I can re-create a similar (but not identical) era for my fantasy.

  2. I’ve always appreciated Ozias. In spite of his shortcomings, David remained in God’s favor and we can learn a lot from his faith. Even his mistakes, serve as cautionary tales. Ozias is a welcome character, IMO.

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