Why Do I Cover Politics?

Old Testament 3, Lesson 9: Saul Becomes King - Seeds of Faith Podcast

Saul becomes king of Israel

This is a Christian blog. In fact, it’s part of the Chalcedon Foundation’s ministry. That being said… then why do I report on so much politics?

But the Bible, which reports on the human condition, is chock-full of politics! They didn’t have electoral politics as we do; but it was still all about power, who gets it and what they do with it, kings as well as presidents. And if you think there were no politics reported in the New Testament–well, go back and review the decision by the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem to kill Jesus as a kind of sacrifice to the Romans.

Throughout the Bible we see that wicked and ungodly leaders practice wicked and ungodly policies; and wicked and ungodly politics turns out wicked and ungodly leaders. You don’t need a microscope to see the difference between Hezekiah and Ahab. Hezekiah’s faith and reverence for God informed all his public acts; and Ahab’s spiritual wickedness informed his acts.

There is always spiritual wickedness afoot (see Ephesians 6): we have by no means outgrown it. Once upon a time in Israel the people, almost in a hysterical state, chose Saul to be their king. You might say he was their candidate for hope and change. That turned out just swell, didn’t it?

So, yes, I report on politics. Most of the politics of a fallen world will be fallen. That remains for Jesus Christ Himself to straighten out. But in the meantime, at least we can hope that on certain occasions we will see the present day’s politics for what they are, and avoid making disastrously wrong decisions based on spiritually empty misperceptions.

Today’s nooze is tomorrow’s history.

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