‘And They Say We Believe in Silly Things’ (2016)

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You don’t hear much about this anymore, but some years ago, there was a mini-sensation in the World Of Science about a theory that “Homo erectus” “evolved” a thick skull because the lads were always pounding on each other’s heads with clubs.

And They Say We Believe in Silly Things

They say the Bible’s full of silly stuff–but what could be sillier than this? How many generations of using each other’s heads as kettle-drums would it take to “evolve” thick skulls?

It’s starting to sound like a Three Stooges movie, isn’t it?

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  1. In case you were wondering, this ridiculous theory is called Lamarckism or Lamarckian Inheritance. Also been used to explain why giraffes have such long necks. I remember learning about as a Biology major.

  2. Ah, forget all that, write it off for what it’s worth, and lets hear a hymn: Blessed Assurance.

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