Are People Getting Stupider?

Man dies following crash in which an Uber also set off fiery explosion at  Seattle gas station – GeekWire

Here’s the scenario. Sheriff’s deputies in central Florida chase after a biker who supposedly used a gun to threaten other motorists. Biker runs out of gas and pulls into a service station. Deputies catch up to him while he’s pumping gas, and try to tackle him. I am not persuaded that that was a good idea.

Another deputy tries to tase the guy. While he’s got the gas nozzle in his hand. Guess what happens when he does that (

You guessed it. Kaboom! Biker and two deputies “engulfed” by resulting fireball. By some miracle they weren’t killed; but the biker’s still in the hospital three months later.

Are people getting stupider, or what? I mean, you fire a taser at someone who’s pumping gas, waddaya think is gonna happen? Lucky the whole station didn’t go up in flames.

Where do you go to hide from stupidity?

7 comments on “Are People Getting Stupider?

  1. Well, it would be very difficult to find a place to get away from stupid these days. As you always say, the public schools are toxic, and from those halls of learning, stupidity thrives, and it is apparently the only thing that does.

    1. It’s astounding. I see that a lot of people employ “logic” that makes no sense. It reminds me of Pelosi wanting to pass a bill so that they could read it. Civilization is in some real trouble.

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