More Stupid Crazy PCBS

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I refuse to illustrate the disgusting and asinine subject matter of this post. Here is a nice lizard instead.

I saw an article on the Google search page yesterday (it has since disappeared) in which appeared the moronic bit of word salad, “lactating parents.” Like Ma and Pa are gonna take turns breast-feeding Junior.

Why have so many people hopped aboard this bandwagon? What in the world is the appeal?

Some people believe the whole gay-transgender-abortion program is aimed at nothing less than the complete destruction of our civilization, if not the actual extinction of the human species. They’ll destroy everything, and then build their own utopia on a clean slate–which would be a smoking ruin, of course, but they don’t think so. Nor do they care.

I don’t know. I just see transgender mania sweeping through the Western world like the Black Death–only this plague is greeted with open arms. Suddenly the world embraces an upside-down reverse morality: everything bad is good, everything good is evil.  The recently displayed lust for abortion is a terrible thing to see.

Pray. Stand firm. Speak the truth. Refuse to give any kind of service to the lie. It may be that the Lord will fight for us.

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  1. Yes, it does seem there is a plague of gay-transgender-abortion insanity advancing across the world. But Christians have faced much worse in the past, in many places, but overcame horrible odds. The insane transgenders are not going to kill and eat you (at least not just yet).

    “Until John Williams and James Harris from the London Missionary Society landed on the island of Erromango in November 1839, there had been no Christian influence. Unfortunately, only minutes after going ashore, both missionaries were killed and eaten. Forty-eight years later, John Paton referenced this awful incident in his memoirs: “Thus were the New Hebrides baptized with the blood of martyrs; and Christ thereby told the whole Christian world that he claimed these islands as His own.”
    In 1842, the London Missionary Society sent another team to the Island of Tanna, but they were forced to leave within seven months. However, by 1848 significant success was achieved on the Island of Aneityum, and by 1854 about 3,500 natives (more than half) had renounced their idols and heathen customs and given themselves up totally to the worship of the true God, Jehovah. By 1872, all of Aneityum was said to be Christian.” – “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation”

    I wonder, if those Christians could change the culture of those islands, which had no Christian influence…could not we do the same? And if we try, there is a good chance we will not be killed and eaten.

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