‘Abide With Me’

No hymn requests today, as yet. Well, it’s early. Open the hymn shop and see who comes in.

For the time being, we have Abide With Me, performed by students at Fountainview Academy. Background sets by God the Father.

11 comments on “‘Abide With Me’

  1. Here is a suggestion for a song by Carroll Roberson: He Still Has the Scars beautifully done.

  2. Can I request “Down to the River to Pray”
    Also I think my posts from the weekend might be on your pending or spam filter

    1. I don’t see anything from you in either of those baskets.
      Do you think WordPress is less user-friendly than it used to be? All this stuff about disappearing comments…

    2. Hm I wonder what’s going on. I did commented this weekend and didn’t see the comments appearing even when I refreshed the same page. Oh well. Glad it work most of the time I suppose

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