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By Request, ‘Abide with Me’

Requested by Lydia (last night), these are the kids from Fountainview Academy singing Abide with Me. This video is from their tour of Europe, but I can’t identify that castle on the sea. Anybody out there know?

‘Abide With Me’ (the Other Half)

Here’s the hymn that Dave requested, only performed by the Antrim Mennonite Choir–Abide With Me.

If you’re new here: we take hymn requests, and I do my best to find the ones you ask for.

But they’re all good that glorify God.

‘Abide with Me’ (Fountainview Academy)

Beautiful hymn, beautiful performance, and beautiful setting–Abide with Me, performed by students from Fountainview Academy on their European tour. I’d very much like to know where and what is that cool building in the background. Anybody recognize it?

‘Abide With Me’

Henry Lyte wrote Abide With Me as he lay dying with tuberculosis, in 1847. He lived only three weeks longer. But what a way to take your last bow.

Sung here by “the Lutheran Warbler.” I found her version very moving.

‘Abide With Me’

My wife let it slip last night that she loves this hymn, so, for her and all the rest of you out there, here it is: Abide With Me, sung by the Antrim Mennonite Choir. This hymn will keep you company all day, if you let it.

‘Abide With Me’ (Fountainview Academy)

Abide With Me–does this hymn move you? “Help of the helpless,” “O Thou who changest not”: our God who pleads for us is mighty.

It is kind of unusual to find the students at Fountainview Academy singing indoors, though.

By Request, ‘Abide With Me’

All right, Patty, here’s the hymn you asked for: Abide With Me, a classic from 1847, here sung by the Antrim Mennonite Choir. Wonderful choice of supporting photos, too.

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