Again, Why Does Columbo Wear a Raincoat?

Peter Falk in raincoat Columbo 11x17 Mini Poster | eBay

The average yearly rainfall for Los Angeles is just under 15 inches–about half of what it is for the rest of the country, including several desert states.

And yet Lt. Columbo–does anybody know his first name?–always wears a raincoat. Wears it every day. Why?

Why Did Columbo Wear a Raincoat?

Years ago I thought I had it figured out: Columbo wears a raincoat because he’s an avenging angel. Now I’m not so sure. Would an angel eat all that chili?

Columbo only had to deal with murderers. We need God’s protection now. Protection from the World Economic Forum. Protection from the Godless who mean to be gods themselves. Protection from truly insane and wicked ideas packaged and pitched to us as wisdom. As “smart.”

As for Columbo’s raincoat… Maybe it protected him from something more than rain.

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  1. A raincoat is simply an all-purpose lightweight outer garment that’s better than an all-season jacket because the raincoat has better pockets and gives your lower torso cover even when you sit down. The longer length also catches spills and smears before they get on your clothes — something a sloppy person like Columbo (or me) really needs. 🙂 And a lightweight coat like this is good when the weather is too warm for a regular coat but too cool or wet for no outerwear at all. I sometimes wear a raincoat for similar reasons, even when it’s not raining. There. Problem solved. 😉

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