‘Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming’ (2014)

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Once upon a time I wrote this on a cold and snowy winter’s day.

Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming

I thought you might be interested in revisiting this post, which comes with a lively discussion. Even now, eight years later, there are still persons who believe in Global Warming, although now they prefer to call it “Climate Change” because that covers absolutely everything.

How do you communicate with these alarmists? They trust Science! Ain’t no politics in Science! Oh, save us, they trust Democrat politicians! They are more than willing to give vast new powers to the government, sign away our rights… oh, oh, oh! They believe in the wisdom of John Kerry, the sincerity of *Batteries Not Included, the integrity of… sheesh! Elizabeth Warren.

No one in America will ever be safe in his person or his property until the Democrat Party is annihilated as a factor in our politics.

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  1. Very smart. Trust in the most brain dead people you can find to explain “science” to you.

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