Parents Protest Yet Another School Board ‘Transgender’ Policy

Ready for your public school outrage du jour? Anybody here reckless enough to deny that our “educators” are promoting “transgender” for all they’re worth?

Parents in Fairfax County, Virginia, are protesting a new middle school policy against “misgendering” and “dead-naming” (that’s when you use a tranny’s real name instead of whatever monicker he/she/it has chosen). It would make guilty children subject to assorted “disciplinary actions”… or even, in some cases, to “possible referral to law enforcement” (

Probably because of the protests, the board has tabled these measures to June 16–maybe hoping they can get away with it while the kids are out of school and a lot of families are on vacation.

“Law enforcement” is to be involved? Call the cops when a child uses “the wrong pronoun”? Have police in Fairfax County nothing better to do with their time? Maybe their budget is too big.

I remember when school boards used to represent the people who elected them. Those were the days. Parents have to pay the cost of public, um, education, but they don’t own it. How is that fair? Well, now it’s “To hell with the parents, we’re hear to groom the kiddies for sex!”

They deny that’s what they’re doing; but you know how they lie.

Question! Why don’t the parents just take their kids out of those schools? Beats me.

5 comments on “Parents Protest Yet Another School Board ‘Transgender’ Policy

  1. That, of course, is the only rational answer to this ridiculous and evil situation. Even in the days when our two sons attended public schools, (long time ago), we had to fairly often go to the school and get things straighten out, and we did wind up taking them both out. They both learned much more, did much better, and both have done fine without the nonsense (though it was much less damaging than today’s fiasco.)

  2. Back then, they were not really as evil as those we now have, but they seemed to love picking on our sons, especially the younger one. He had a following of other boys who looked up to him because he was an independent thinker, and he did do some things that were not great, but he refused to be bullied by a couple of teachers. It became easier just to end his public school days and put him to work at home, teaching him things that were practical help to his dad, learning the Landlord business. The older one was taught how to run various machinery (for money) and also landlord business, a bit of carpentry, etc. All this, instead of the simple minded studies in the worthless “text books”.

  3. Only one of our City elders candidates for the local school board won. The position pays no money yet the opponents of our candidates spent thousands of dollars in signs and neo billboard ads.

    1. Now, doesn’t that make you wonder what they think they’re getting for their money? Downright sinister, I call it. I never saw or heard of anything like that in a school board election.

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