This Pastor Isn’t Kidding

Pastor Greg Locke's Fiery Easter Sermon--'Take Them Stupid Masks Off'

Pastor Greg Locke

Damn! I couldn’t get the video to work. Oh, there’s plenty of video on YouTube, but all of it sharply slanted against Pastor Greg Locke of Mount Juliet’s Global Vision Bible Church, in Tennessee. But if you click the link below, “” will provide you with some highlights of his sermon.

This man is not messing around. “You cannot be a Democrat and a Christian!” he says–a “baby-butchering election thief”–and if you remain a Democrat, he wants you out of his church.

Idiots called for some kind of “investigation” of the pastor, but he beat them to the punch by publicly renouncing his church’s 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. By the way, if you know of even one time that the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” or the ACLU ever went after a pastor who sided with Democrats, please let us all know about it.

Yes, the “nooze” outlets are all lined up against this guy. “Oh, how simply dreadful! A preacher denouncing a political party from his pulpit! Quick, the smelling salts! Oh, the extremism! Really, I think I’m going to be ill!” What a bunch of claggers. But then anytime you see the noozies being unanimous, you can be pretty sure it’s a Democrat talking point fed to them by their masters.

Pastor Locke, you go, brother! You have said things that needed to be said.

That’s how you’ve freaked them out.

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  1. The link works! A few mighty words from this man of God! “You cannot be a Christian and vote Democrat in this nation.” “baby-butchering Democrats, yes Democrats are! Amen brother!!!

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