My Newswithviews Column, June 9 (‘Suing Your Schools’)

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I’m all in favor of suing public school districts over their inane and stupid policies. If you’ve got the money, why not? You might win a million-dollar settlement–that’s one less diversity counselor they can hire (until they raise the taxes again). They might even back down for a while.

But they’re not going to change. They are *Educators, and they will never change.

Suing Your Schools

“Parents are not to be notified,” says the crack-brained “school policy,” when a child decides to embrace sexual unreality.

These are evil people. Not just misguided. They are evil, their policies are both evil and insane, and they should not be allowed near anybody’s children.

Take the children out of there and starve the beast to death.

4 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, June 9 (‘Suing Your Schools’)

  1. Ultimately, public education has failed dismally. It was mixed, at best, when I was a child, but nowadays, they can’t even reliably produce students whom are literate. I truly feel sorry for any child that attends public schools with a sincere desire to learn. Even when I was in school, the classroom was a place of disruption, tomfoolery and rude noises, so I imagine that it must be all but unbearable, these days.

    I’m certainly in favor of home schooling, and engaging the entire family in teaching, not just the basics, but also the realities of work. Farm children grew up working and they learned responsibility, from an early age. This, IMO, is invaluable.

  2. In my city of 90,000 in the Bible Belt, I have sub taught in every single public school and in every grade. I have seen a couple of teachers that sent up red flags, but most are sold on public education because the ones who really want to teach quit.

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