Kids Need Rescue–from Public Schools

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Exodus Mandate has been a leading critic of Common Core and other “educational” malpractice.

You don’t have to have children or grandchildren in school to be distressed by what the public schools are doing. Racial paranoia, racial strife, transgender propaganda, grooming kids for sex–the news makes your flesh crawl… but what can you do?

There are many things that can be done, and here’s one of them.

Contribute to the Exodus Mandate ( Or contact them to see if there’s a Christian school project in your area that could use your help.

Exodus is celebrating its 25th year in ministry. They’re currently helping the Illinois Family Institute and Public School Exit start up Christian schools across the state of Illinois. Exodus Mandate lends a hand to such projects throughout the country.

Actually, there really is a nationwide movement to get kids out of the teachers’ unions’ Far Left Crazy public schools–“Broken beyond repair,” as Exodus Mandate says. But that’s no exaggeration, and Exodus does important work liaising with and encouraging local grassroots efforts.

Exodus President E. Ray Moore had been working very hard, making the rounds of Christian media, fielding phone calls and emails from all over the country. I’ve interviewed him several times, over the years. This man doesn’t give up easily.

For more information, phone the Exodus Mandate at 803-714-1744. You might find out there’s a Christian school project in your own neighborhood–and maybe you can help.

One thing I’m sure of:

Put an end to public schooling, and the Far Left dies.

Teachers’ Union: Pure Arrogance

Look at this garbage spewed out by the New Jersey “Education” Assn. Anyone would think the teachers’ union had something positive to offer. But if you thought that, you’d be hopelessly wrong.

Yowsah, yowsah. “Some New Jersey schools are under siege…”

By parents, you dolt! They’re “under siege” by parents! Parents who don’t want their kids being “taught” racial paranoia, transgender propaganda, bogus hate-America “social studies”… and being groomed for aberrant sex.

No, you clods, parents aren’t speaking up at school board meetings because they want to “score political points.” They are there because they haven’t yet realized that the only way to deal with you is to pull their children out of your toxic public schools.

You’ll never go back to being sane and decent. Teachers’ unions are fabulously corrupt and can’t be saved.

My Newswithviews Column, June 9 (‘Suing Your Schools’)

There will be false teachers among you… Many will follow their depraved  conduct and will bring the way of truth into dis… | Spirit of truth, Truth,  Scripture verses

I’m all in favor of suing public school districts over their inane and stupid policies. If you’ve got the money, why not? You might win a million-dollar settlement–that’s one less diversity counselor they can hire (until they raise the taxes again). They might even back down for a while.

But they’re not going to change. They are *Educators, and they will never change.

Suing Your Schools

“Parents are not to be notified,” says the crack-brained “school policy,” when a child decides to embrace sexual unreality.

These are evil people. Not just misguided. They are evil, their policies are both evil and insane, and they should not be allowed near anybody’s children.

Take the children out of there and starve the beast to death.

My Newswithviews Column, May 12 (‘How Much “Sex Ed” Can We Stand?’)

Sex Ed Horror Stories: 10 Tales Of Sexual Misinformation | HuffPost Communities

This is not the column I wrote this week. Newswithviews has instead re-run my column from a month ago, How Much “Sex Ed” Can We Stand? Either the publisher thought it was important, or the whole thing is an accident.

How Much More ‘Sex Ed’ Can We Stand?

But boy howdy, I’ll tell you this: if our civilization ever does go belly-up, the single greatest cause of that, among many great causes, would be our so-called public education system. Thanks to King  COVID, millions of parents finally saw and heard what is actually being taught to their children by unionized “teachers”–sex, more sex, perverse sex, race hatred, and socialism.

The Far Left Crazy unions will never be rooted out of our existing public education system. That system must be scrapped, and children educated at home, in Christian schools, or in neighborhood schooling co-ops.

Public schools didn’t even exist until halfway through the 19th century. We are sure we can manage without them.

My Newswithviews Column, April 14 (‘How Much More “Sex Ed” Will People Tolerate?’)

Ten LGBTQ+ people on how queer sex ed could have helped them growing up | Dazed

Really, the time has come for Americans to answer this question. Who’s going to decide how we raise our children: parents, or a lot of weird geeks from the teachers’ union?

How Much More ‘Sex Ed’ Will People Tolerate?

Will they finally stop when every child in America has had a sex-change and been rendered sterile? Yeah, they’d have to–in another generation or so, no more people at all.

That’s why we call leftism a death cult. If you are a Democrat, you vote for a death cult

Have parents awakened in time to rescue their children from the groomers?

California ‘Teachers’ Recruit Kids for ‘Gay’ Clubs

19,572 Bad Teacher Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Are there any normal people left in teaching, or have they finally weeded them all out?

Ready for another public education outrage? Don’t worry–we’ll never run out of them.

Leaked documents recently revealed how the California Teachers Assn. seeks to recruit children to be in “gay/straight alliances” and get involved with “transgender” (

A printed “guide” shows “teachers” how to start gay and transgender clubs in school, how to put children through a “gay test” devised by Kinsey, and–as always–how to impress upon the children the need to keep all these activities secret from their parents. “What is said here, stays here,” reads the guide.

The guide makes plain the, uh, need to start these instructions while the children are under 10 years old. Oh! And they’ve assembled a video library for the kiddies! “Coming out Gay to My 5-Year-Old Brother” is one of the more popular titles, along with some filth about “Gay Babies.”

Hello? Anybody there?

We need a young, hard-nosed reporter, wearing a wire and equipped with a hidden video camera, to infiltrate the classes and find out what the devil they’re “teaching” at the teachers’ colleges. I’ll bet his findings would appall us.

As for parents who ignore all this and just keep on sending their kids to public school each day–

Maybe you deserve this.

‘What We’re Up Against’ (2018)

See the source image

Oh, no! Upside-down candy canes! Forbidden, forbidden, forbidden!

Do you ever doubt that our whole public education system has fallen into the hands of Far Left wackos?

Well, don’t doubt it–not for an instant.

What We’re Up Against

Fear and hatred of Jesus Christ and His people is deeply ingrained in our “educators.” If you think your kids are safe from wacko indoctrination because you live in a Red state, think again. The same commie teachers’ unions own the public schools in all 50 states.

And you wind up hearing, “There can’t be candy canes because if you hold a candy cane upside-down it makes a letter J and that stands for ‘Jesus’ and that’s forbidden, not allowed, taboo—eeeyaaaah!” [Falls to the floor with pink foaming coming out his ears.]

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 2 (Don’t Ask Me About the Headline)

See the source image

A teachers’union logo: don’t tell me you don’t get it!

Our public education system is killing us. Really and truly killing us. If we want our country to survive as a free country, we have to take down public education.

Here are a very few more of thousands of examples of how bad it’s gotten.

‘Educating Perversion’ With Little Or No Consequences

Of course, if you want your kids to learn racial hatred, sexual confusion, and out-and-out communism, then public school is where you want them to be, hands down.

But if you’re not a Far Left wacko loon, you really need to pull your children out of there.

Homeschooling ‘Surging Across America’!

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I don’t usually do news on Sundays, but this is good news that ought to hearten us.

All across America, homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds. An article in The Federalist analyzes the trend (

Did I just say “trend”? It’s more like a rocket going off.

And why is it such good news?

Because 1) homeschooling produces smarter and wiser citizens who will not be easily deceived; 2) homeschooling could reach a point where it cripples “public education” and, more to the point, the teachers’ unions; and 3) without money and manpower donated by the teachers’ unions, and their indoctrination of young people to shape them into useful idiots–without public education and teachers’ unions, the Far Left Crazy in America dies.

A consummation devoutly to be wished! And prayed for. And worked for.

Anyway, in fall of the 2020-2021 school year, census data showed 11.1 percent of households homeschooling, double the previous year. By May 2021 it was up to 19.5 percent! That is pretty heft growth.

Why is homeschooling on the rise?

The top reasons cited by The Federalist: Parents don’t want their children wearing masks all day; because of the lockdowns, many families were forced to try homeschooling and discovered that they liked it, that it really worked for their children; that they really, really, intensely didn’t like all the Far Left crapola on the curriculum, especially the “transgender” push and Hypocritical Race Theory. Nor were they at all pleased with academic standards that get lowered again and again.

These are compelling reasons, and so far they add up to about a fifth of America’s families opting for homeschooling instead of yielding up their children to the tender mercies of Far Left teachers’ unions.

We don’t know how many children have to stay out of public school before the system collapses and the teachers’ unions along with it.

The unions have doubled down on Critical Race Theory.

Let’s make them pay for it.

Closed Schools: A Blessing in Disguise

What its like being a teacher on camp! – TECS Employment

Before we complain too energetically about so many of our public schools still being closed Because COVID, here are a few things to consider.

Every day the schools are closed is one day less that Far Left unionized teachers can poison children’s minds with “critical race theory.”

Closed schools mean children cannot be taught that America is an evil racist country that was only founded to promote slavery.

Every day the schools are closed is another day that can’t be devoted to indoctrination into transgender hogwash.

Closed schools mean children have to be socialized by their families instead of by their age-group peers and toxic “friends.”

Every day the public schools are closed is another inducement to families to abandon those schools and opt for Christian schools or homeschooling.

These are not trivial benefits. They will greatly benefit our country. If we could shut down the colleges and universities, too, leftism in America would up and die.

Think about it.