We ‘Are’ Awl Goingtobe Teechers!!!!!

Why Socialists Should Become Teachers

Grate grate news!!! The Yung Demmacratick Sosolists of Amairica thay “are” goingto has a grate Big traning sesshin “Wye Sosolists they Shood Becumb Teechers”!”!” Becose Awll teechers “thay” shood Awll be Sosolists!!!!!

Somb Biggit Hater he sayed “I thawt th”e”y allreddy was!””!” So we got himb kickked Out “of” our collidge!!!! And one of our Prefessers he Bitt himb!!!!!!!!

It is ture “that” a lott of us we “are” allreddy Sosolists butt we nevver thawt of becumbing Teechers!! Whork it blows!! and Teeching, it is whork!!! But sumb boddy fromb the Teechers Uynian she toled us “that” the skools thay nead Lots Moar Raddiculls in the Class Rhoomb!!!! Well, haow cood yiu Not agreee whith That???

Butt frist we gots to Set Up a Teechers Collidge heer “At” our collidge becose we hasnt got one!!!! Setting It Up, it toook awl Day!!! Still,, lyke the wimmin fromb The Uynian sayed, Sosolism it woont cumb unlest “we” Maik it hapen!!!!!

Nhow i wunder Waht Iyll teech,, and iff I can “finnish” urning My Degreee in Nothing Studies! Iyd sort of lyke teeching Nuculer Phyzzicks, butt I herd “thare whil be” a lott of opinnings for teeching Criptical Race Theery!!!! Mayby i cood Teech themb boath at oncet!!!!! Becose thay “are” Very Simular!!!!!

P,S@ We got in trubble becose Our Statchew of Pressadint Obamma it still Has “a” Pumkin foar a Hedd becose the reggaler Hedd it falled offf!! But we hassnt figrued Out yet haow “To” ficks It!!!!!!

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