A Picture of ‘Bell Mountain’

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Here are Jack and Ellayne before they set off to climb Bell Mountain, drawn by our friend Katheleen in Brazil. There’s another drawing from her sister, Kerolyn, which I’ll post tomorrow.

Girls, I love these drawings of yours! And I’m so happy that you love my books.

As you can see, there is no flippin’ picture here: WordPress has defeated and embarrassed me again. Sorry! Why I hate technology, etc….

P.S.–If you want to see these pictures, Katheleen has posted links to them in her comment below.

21 comments on “A Picture of ‘Bell Mountain’

  1. I usually see the pix that you say you can’t see, but in this case I can’t see the pic either. WordPress is such fun.

    1. How about that? The picture displays on the big computer, but not here on the laptop.
      Hey, I just got a great idea! Let’s have robots and computers control our intercontinental missiles! What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Good idea, Katheleen. I’m not good at computer stuff, so of course I would never have thought of it. I do want everybody here to see your pictures!

    2. I don’t know how I can transport the pictures from there to here. In the meaning, the links you’ve provided will have to do.

    3. You can click on the image and then click on save. And so it will be saved on your computer.

    4. I’m glad you liked it. The drawing of Jack, Ellayne, Martis and the bell was done by my sister and she is glad you liked it too.

    5. Yes, I will do. Me and My sister are very happy that you liked our drawings.

    6. I don’t know how old you girls are, but you are both very talented.

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