‘The Nuts Are Out There’ (2014)

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“C’mon, let’s kill off all our customers!”

Human sacrifice performed by ex-president! Secret plan to nuke Russia! Chemtrails gonna kill us all!

Hard to believe there are people who believe all this–and more.

The Nuts Are Out There

This post contains a well-informed explanation, by “Unknowable,” of why “chemtrails” are nothing to worry about. They are a product of overheated imaginations.

We don’t need to imagine monsters.

We’ve got Democrats.

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  1. Well, Mr. Duigon, this is a message from one of “the nuts out there!” I have to take issue with your post, and I did notice that the original first ran several years ago. I live in a very rural area of Adams County, PA, and over the past month, on three different occasions, our perfectly clear blue skies were crisscrossed with these “trails” that merged to form a blanket of haze lasting several hours. My efforts to obtain information on who is doing it and why have been fruitless. So, I really don’t know what’s going on…but, at this point, do I trust our government to take good care of us and have our best interests at heart. Not so much.

    1. Did you read the comment by “Unknowable”?
      Did anyone get sick from these “trails”?

      Let me add this: Some of the stuff that looked like conspiracy movie and horror novel cliches years ago… now look like they might be real.

  2. Oh, gosh… “chem-trails” I have seen such a HUGE increase in people convinced that contrails don’t exist, and can’t possibly exist; it’s all chemicals spraying poisons all over us. What gets me are the ones who say they’d never seen them at all when they were kids, therefore they didn’t exist. Confirmation bias. They just never noticed them. I remember watching contrails as a child, and marveling at how long they stayed in the sky. There are very few flight paths above our area, so they stood out. I also have family who worked in aircraft maintenance, and believe me: you couldn’t possibly have that sort of equipment on board without them knowing it – or blabbing about it while drunk in a bar after work or something. Every ounce of weight needs to be accounted for. I even had someone tell me that naval exercises were just ruses, to hide secret underwater supply runs to secret bases for all this nefarious stuff. When I mentioned that my husband was a naval officer who took part in these exercises, and there’s no way that was happening, I was simply told that not all the officers were informed. As if you could possibly hide something like that on board ship! Then there’s the fallback position of talking about cloud seeding. Yeah. That’s a thing. Different planes, different altitudes. You wouldn’t see much of anything as they seeded the clouds. They certainly wouldn’t be leaving contrails. But if you don’t agree with them, oh, the insults they throw at you! *sigh*

    1. So much conspiracy baloney falls apart when you see if depends on each and every one of thousands of persons never, never talking.

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