The Voice of Reason–Hillary???

Hillary Clinton joins the 'Trump resistance' - BBC News

“You’re not listening to me…!”

You know you’re in dire straits when the voice of reason turns out to be Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton has warned her Democrat Party that getting all hung up on transgender mania, and banning J.K. Rowling, is going to lose them the election in 2024 ( They gotta be out there solving real problems that real people care about, she says–like inflation, insane gas prices, and high crime rates–instead of dancing to the tune of a micro-minority.

Now hold on there! I am not suggesting that Hillary is all better now. She still babbles about “losing our democracy”–doesn’t that phrase make you gnash your teeth?–and the whole country turning into The Handmaid’s Tale if Democrats don’t win. The point is that when even a nut-job like Hillary can read the writing on the wall, it’s probably time to read the writing on the wall.

Using stupidities like “persons who menstruate” and “pregnant people” as euphemisms for “women,” as if any kind of euphemism were actually necessary, is turning people off the Progressive Express, Hillary warns. She may be the world’s most unpopular woman–she has a great deal of competition for that title, but never mind–but apparently she does know BS when she sees it.

Psst! Democrats! Nominate Hillary for president in 2024 (come on, who else ya got?) and then get into a big fight with her over how hard the party’s gotta push transgender.

Guaranteed to work! I’ve got a degree in Political Science, and I endorse this caper.

4 comments on “The Voice of Reason–Hillary???

  1. Yep, I never did think the woman was stupid, she is just evil and she has exercised that well over many years. Intelligence without the wisdom to guide it is empty. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

  2. Hillary has always been a ruthless survivor. Not a winner, but a survivor. And sometimes those who survive become winners – if only because they’ve survived all the others. But remember the “ruthless” part. She’s dangerous.

  3. I am personally not touched by transgenderism. I had never even heard about it until recent years. It is like the devil hypnotized a whole generation at once. Do older people transition? I see where Elon Musk’s son has come out as a transgender woman. How many demons are there to go around to possess so many young people?

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