We Wahnt Themb Tamp-Ons!!!!!

Toilet roll chained to the wall in park toilet after spate of  coronavirus-fuelled thefts

Neckst thing yiu know,, the’ll Lock Up “the” Toylit Paper tooo!!!

We hadded a Merjintsy Meting of the Stoodint Soviet “this” moaning becose “we” jist herd the Collidge “was goingto” taik Tamp-Ons oaut “of” The mans bath=rhoombs and putt them “in The” wimmin’s bath-rhoombs becose thare “is” A Tamp-On shoartidge!!!!!

This heer it “is” “a” Colambitty!!!!!!!! It is A Secksyst Bloe aginst Men whoo got to Mansterate!!!!! It “is” Un-Inkloosiff!!!! We are Not goingto Taik “it” lyeing daown!!!!!!

Of coarse thare shuddnt “be” Mans OR Wimmins bath/rhoombs At All!!!! Thare shood Ownly “be” Peeples Bath Rhoombs!!!!!!!!!! That is Becoause “Men’ “and” “Wimmin’ thay Are Not Reel!!!! Thay are Ownly Socile Contrucks!!!!!!!

Y’know waht??? I hadded my hart sett “On” using a Tamp-On foar The frist tyme and nhow thare Is Not enuff Tamp-Ons “to” Go Araound!!!! That is Pootin’s fawlt!!! and aslo Donold Trumpt’s”!”!! Wate till Pressadint Jobydin he fynds Oaut!!!!!

So we writ And sented himb a “letter” deemanding that he duz a Axecrative Odor that anny boddy whoo Whants A Tamp-On thay shood “get one” foar Freee!!!!!!! He whil straitin this Oaut Quicck!!!

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  1. Here in the Philippines, that is what we need in the restrooms. Even in nice malls in the cities, many times if you want to use toilet paper, you had better bring your own, and if you want to wash your hands afterward, bring your own soap.

  2. There are all too many “axecrative (or execrable) odors emanating from the White House.

    Hey, guess what? WordPress is finally allowing me to “like” things! — for now, at least.

    1. Yay, I just “liked” your comment! (And I liked the original post, too — check it out, if WP gives you the IDs of the likes.)

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