Now It’s “#SexStrike” (Ask Me If I Care)

An abortion rights demonstrator bows down as people protest the supreme court’s decision in Detroit.

Oh, forsooth, this nooze! Let me outta here… But first this.

“Trending on Twitter”–I’d be very disappointed in myself if I actually cared what was “trending” anywhere–is a gambit by pro-abortion nut jobs: “#SexStrike” (–a proposal for all women to withhold sex from all men except those who are in favor of abortion.

“My legs are CLOSED!” tweets one. “Take the pledge” to, uh, “fight” for abortion, tweets another. This message is “to all people with a uterus.” I believe those used to be called “women.” It’s all the Supreme Court’s fault! So no more sex until abortion–preferably unrestricted, right up to and including infanticide–is once more the law for all 50 states.

Do they think we can’t live without “having sex” with them? Can you imagine being married to one of these witches? Like, every time a baby’s safely born, it’s like dripping acid into the witches’ eyes. Who wants to be across the breakfast table from a mind like that?

These are not nice people; nor are they quite all there.

3 comments on “Now It’s “#SexStrike” (Ask Me If I Care)

  1. If they hadn’t made the exception for men who favor abortions — which most exploiters of women do — I would have applauded their efforts to prevent abortions by not doing things that create the babies in the first place. But the exception shows all too clearly their murderous intent. They’ll take a chance on creating a baby as long as they get to kill him or her afterward. The killing itself appears to be the goal.

    Moloch is pleased.

  2. Praise the Lord! I really pray all women who support the killing of babies would follow through on this. This is really a good thing if it would happen! For no more women would get pregnant with babies, which would be killed.

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