$@#$! No ‘Voter Tourism’ in New York City!

Dude Busts Out Insane Zelenskyy-Putin Rap at City Council Meeting, Becomes  Quite Winded

You’d laugh, too, if you didn’t know they weren’t joking.

Well, howdya like that! I was all set to travel to New York City from my home in Belarus just so I could vote Democrat in their election, and then come home again–and now I can’t! Dagnabbit!

A New York judge has struck down the City Council’s attempt to let non-citizens vote in New York elections (https://www.newsmax.com/politics/new-york-city-noncitizens-election-integrity-rnc/2022/06/27/id/1076275/). He found the scheme violated the state constitution, all the state’s election laws, and the Home Rule Law. Picky, picky!

Democrats were expected to get up to 900,000 more votes with non-citizens voting.

In the closing days of the DeBlasio administration, the City Council passed this idiocy. Mayor DeBlasio, rather notorious for not doing his job, neither signed the measure nor vetoed it; so after 30 days it was automatically passed. Republicans had to sue to get rid of it.

So here’s the question: Is there anything Democrats won’t do to win an election and acquire power? If there is, please tell us what it is. And the follow-up question: Is there anything they won’t destroy in order to control it?

America’s future will be iffy for as long as the Democrat Party remains viable.

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