Rushdoony: ‘Perfection Versus Maturity’

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Before we get wrapped up in any nooze…

We consistently misunderstand what the Bible means by “perfect,” R.J. Rushdoony wrote.

“Perfect” in the Bible does not mean sinless, pure, ideal, nothin’ wrong here. No–it means “fully matured.” And it comes at the end of a long process. It’s not just imposed by self-anointed sages or a bloodthirsty political party. “Perfect” is the end result of work, planning, vision, sacrifice, and life itself. The sin of Adam and Eve can certainly be viewed as the decision to cheat and take a short cut to perfect: “Ye shall be as gods.”

So you don’t just get out of bed one day resolved to be “perfect” from now on. (Sheesh, how many of us have made that mistake?) You do the best you can and trust in God to do the rest. There is some humility involved.

If only we had some in our business and our politics!

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  1. Truth here. If only we could be perfect, as we thought we were when we were kids.

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