Disney Does It Again (Grooming Children for Sex)

Baymax Or Bust - Disney To "Soon" Have Huggable Robots | Futurism

It’s got a computer in it, so you know it’s gotta be great

Oh, boy! There’s a new Dizzy Studios superhero movie coming out–Baymax, featuring an inflatable computerized robot superhero [barf bag, anyone?], pitched to an audience of children as young as two years old…

And featuring “men” who supposedly menstruate. Take that, families! Investigator Chris Rufo saw leaked footage, and spilled the beans (https://twitter.com/courtneymilan/status/1542141246944296961).

Well! We can’t have that! Quick, someone find us an oracle! Got one? It’s… a self-published romance writer? That’s our oracle?

Well, anyway, she says “It’s not the ‘idea’ that men can have periods: it’s a fact.” So there! The oracle has spoken! It’s a fact!

The movie also features “the Transgender flag” and so-called “men” shopping for maxi-pads.

What is our society supposed to get out of this?

Why does anyone but a Far Left wacko patronize Disney movies?

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  1. I watched the clip. What was really eye-opening, were the comments. Most saw nothing wrong. One enlightened soul, stated it was a fact, that men can menstruate.

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