Tucker Carlson Nails It!

I don’t often post anything that’s 17 minutes long, but in this case I have to make an exception. Tucker Carlson has hit the bullseye: he is telling us what the Woke/Democrat utopia is going to be like for the rest of us.

There will be no such thing as “middle-class life” anymore. The movers ‘n’ shakers will be way up there (think Obama in his Martha’s Vineyard mansion) and the vast majority of us will be way down below, crawling around in the dark.

Do we let them do it to us? Is there any one of their tricks that we don’t know about by now?

God help us: look at the damage they’ve done in just a year and a half.

10 comments on “Tucker Carlson Nails It!

    1. I don’t know if I’d call it a conspiracy, since it’s right out there in the open–shoved into our faces, even.

  1. Tucker Carlson really did a good job exposing the Left’s wanting people not to have children so that people just work for their companies…so wicked

    1. I ought to write about this: the Left wants to remove EVERYTHING that stands between you and the state–family, church, voluntary associations, you name it, they’ll get rid of it.

    2. It looks as though they even want to get rid of the independent brain cells that stand between you and the state, and to hook you up to their computers instead. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, either — they’ve been boasting about it at their last few meetings at Davos. One of them has even said “Free will? No — it’s gone.” (And he didn’t mean it in the Calvinist sense, but in the AI sense.)

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