Biden Polls Hit New Low

What Does It Mean To Dream About Driving Off A Cliff?

Wow! Kowabunga! 29 percent approval! (

That’s SloJo Biden in the latest CIVIQS poll–29%. He’s just a little more popular than COVID.

The day before he resigned as president, Richard Nixon’s approval rating was 24%. Joe has room for disimprovement.

Most of the other polls show him still “up there” (comparatively speaking!) in the 30s. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of polls show 85% or more of everybody thinking the USA, thanks to Biden, is way out on the wrong track.

We do wonder how many people actually voted for this patzer.

P,S.–In several states his approval is in… “the teens”! Maybe he’s actually less popular than COVID.

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  1. Totally delusional. He hears only what he wants to hear and see, as do most people, really. Some of the most ridiculous beliefs are touted on youtube, such as the “gender” thing.

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