Woke ‘Thor’ (How Badly Do You Need to See a Movie?)

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Used to be a Norse pagan god. Now… crapola.

If you have some rare medical condition, 100% fatal, curable only by exposure to really wretched movies, then here’s another stupid comic book movie for you–Thor Love and Thunder, perpetrated by Marvel Comics and those jolly kiddie sex-groomers at Disney (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/07/avoid-costs-thor-love-thunder-unless-like-woke-movies-even-rock-people-gay-babies-queen-king/).

You may remember–why you should, that’s another story–how, five years ago, Marvel went full-throttle woke with some of its stuporhero characters (turning the Norse god Thor into a goddess with huge knockers, for instance) and, in the interests of “diversity,” promptly took a bath. Turned out normal people don’t much care for Marvel’s vision of “diversity.”

So now they’ve made this goofy Thor movie with Disney, and they brag about how “gay” it is. In the words of one reviewer, the movie features “gay rock men having lava babies.” It is “off the charts woke,” he says.

I anticipate no difficulty at all in staying away from this movie. Idiots in the movie industry refuse to see the writing on the wall, and are doubling down on their teachers’-union vision of life.

Let’s have a party when they declare bankruptcy.

7 comments on “Woke ‘Thor’ (How Badly Do You Need to See a Movie?)

  1. They have to be narrowing their audiences by producing these sorts of movies. I would imagine that their long term profits will dwindle, greatly.

    1. See Romans 1:21 “ For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their reasonings, and their senseless hearts were darkened.” I am of the opinion that some people today are so deprived that they no longer have an intact sense of self-preservation, and would rather go down with the ship, than admit that they don’t know everything.

    2. They have a message to present. And they will present it at all costs. And movies are a good way to instruct the sheep in the ways of evil.

      This is why we need Christian movie producers, writers, and directors. Which can produce good quality movies of all genera.

      Once upon a time in the early days of Hollywood, some of the talkies they produced were not filled with good morals and contained nudity. Well, the church got involved and there was censorship of the TV and movie industries, until sometime in the 70s, or was it the late 60s.

      The church did it once, why not today? I don’t remember which year, but sometime during the 70s or 80s, Just one man got cigarette commercials taken off all TV programs! If one man could do that, why couldn’t a few, or a whole group of Christians get something done!

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