Holy Moly! ‘Question the Value of College’?

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A USA Today/Public Agenda poll finds that many Americans consider four years at a public college to be an iffy investment. True, two-thirds think college pays off in the long run; but 46% have their doubts (https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2022/07/11/americans-value-education-government-pay/7820194001/).

A lot of those doubts vanish if government–us, actually: government has no money of its own, only what it can squeeze out of the taxpayers–will pay their college bills.

What? Sheeeesh! Don’t you know that “education” is the only means by which Far Left Crazy can reproduce? They abort as many babies as they can, and “transition” children into a phony “gender” that makes them sterile–so really, they have to rely on normal people to produce the children; and then they use “education” to turn children into Equity robots.

So you’ve gotta keep sending ’em to college! Got to! You don’t want the Democrat Party to shrivel up and die, do you? Like, sure, yeah, it’s great for people to be gay, it’d be great if everybody was gay! But until we master the art of loading our minds into perpetually healthy and youthful bodies, new recruits must come from somewhere. If your unionized teachers are going to groom the kiddies for sex, you have to have some kiddies in the classroom.

And that is the value of college! It produces, every year, a new batch of useful idiots. Who cares if they major in Superhero Studies and can’t get jobs? Who cares if they can’t pay back their student loans? Bidenistas don’t even want them to pay off the loans: keep ’em in debt forever, it’s easier to control them that way.

It’s alarming that one-third of everybody already thinks college is a crappy investment. What’ll it be tomorrow–one half? The whole Woke enterprise is founded on our public education system! That’s why everyone must go to college!

And please don’t worry about paying off that debt, ever. We are Democrats and we love debt! Especially when it’s someone else’s curse to pay for it.

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    1. Some of the people coming out with technical and management degrees seem like they actually majored in Nothing Studies. Hang around for four years, pay tuition, and we’ll give you a piece of paper, in return. 🙂

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