Click Beetle Mania! (It Cures Ritual Baldness)

Summer-time is click beetle time! Any child, cat, or dog could tell you that. My cat Buster could be entertained by a click beetle all day. Boing! Another click beetle springs into the air.

I am often asked if it’s possible for a human to learn how to spring high into the air from a prone position, like a click beetle. To get an answer to this question, send a check for $50 and a self-addressed stamped envelope… (that’ll be enough of that!).

3 comments on “Click Beetle Mania! (It Cures Ritual Baldness)

  1. I haven’t seen one of those in years. And so far, have not seen one in the 14 years of living in the Philippines.

  2. Haha
    They are so cute! I’ve heard them occasionally, and know they are protecting themselves from a spider in web. I’ve saved atleast a couple. Sorry spiders, can’t handle hearing the distress.

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