One Point Better Than ‘Nobody At All’

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In what many Democrats consider their strongest demographic, 18-29-year-olds (who haven’t outgrown college yet), only 1 percent (!) say they “strongly support” SloJo Biden (

That’s only one point better than nobody!

At the same time, a New York Times-Siena College poll finds that only 1 percent (!) of Americans think “climate change” is a pressing issue demanding government action (NYT, July 17, “As the Planet Cooks, Climate Stalls as a Political Issue–sorry the link doesn’t work).

One percent. And Dems want to make “Climate Emergency” a signature issue… that 1 percent of the people care about.

Do they think they’re popular? Only 1 percent are keen on the alleged president. And that’s among their favorite group of voters.

I am a political scientist. I’m supposed to understand this s***. There are only a few possible explanations.

*Dems haven’t seen these polls (highly unlikely).

*They simply don’t believe them. (Why? What do they know that we don’t know?)

*For some reason we cannot detect, they are supremely confident in their chances in this year’s mid-term elections–like they already know they’ll win, it’s already in the bag. Is that ignorance, folly, hubris, or secret knowledge? Like, “Ha-ha, you just can’t stop us from stealing an election!”

Has this become the Party of the 1 Percenters?

Getting kind of crazy, isn’t it?


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    1. Sometimes I am reminded of a chess game I once played. A mutual friend set it up: he had great faith in my opponent, and he must have talked me up to him–because at a certain juncture in the game, this guy turned to our friend and said, “I thought you said this guy [me] was supposed to be so good.”

      My reply was “Checkmate.” He was so sure that he was winning, so shocked by what he’d failed to see, that he never played with me again.

      I wonder if God has something like that in store for the wokies.

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