Court to School Board: Pay Up!

LAUSD board decides unvaccinated students can attend school in fall – Daily  News

We don’t much like our school boards anymore, do we?

Another public school board took a bath in court recently. A federal judge has ordered the Pennsbury, PA, school board to pay more than $300,000 to settle a free-speech lawsuit filed by parents (

Four parents had criticisms of the school district’s “equity in education initiative,” its “diversity” policy, and other items of the usual public school crapola; so the board cut off their mikes and erased their comments from the official record of the meetings–because, the board president babbled, the parents’ criticisms of these stupid policies was “abusive” and–of course–“racist.”

Where are we getting our school board members from? China? We used to elect our neighbors. Where do these little tin-pot tyrants come from?

Well, the board has to rewrite some of its policies and delete one or two others, so I guess now you can say you don’t like “equity education”… even if you can’t get them to stop doing it.

If America ever does collapse and lose her freedom, what we call “education” will have been the biggest culprit.

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  1. You are correct. When tackling any problem, you can only make progress when you go to the root of the problem. Never start at the end result thinking you can fix anything while working from there.

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