Oh, No! A Crisis, A Crisis!

Vice Dindle Kamala Harris has just found out about this terrible thing that’s going on, oh the horror, the horror! Let her tell it–I’m dumbfounded. Oh–you’d better be sitting down.

Here it is.

“Women are getting pregnant every day in America.”

Quick, the smelling salts! Who knew? Who even guessed? Thank Loki we’ve got Kamala to look after us! She’ll be president when SloJo folds.

An epidemic of pregnancy… Masks, everyone! And no more thingy without social distancing!

7 comments on “Oh, No! A Crisis, A Crisis!

  1. It is a bit painful to me seeing a woman who is so —- like her. I would like to see at least common sense in women. (being a woman myself, this is embarrassing)

  2. What? A “woman,” not a “birthing person”? And when pressed, can Kamala even define what a woman is?

  3. Maybe that is the reason she acts so weird and childish; she doesn’t know if she is a woman.

    1. I think it may be because she is brainless. I saw another Kamala Klip today in which he introduced herself with her preferred pronouns. It’s a profound disgrace to be governed by such morons.

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