Bunny Bliss

I don’t know why my cats never cuddled and smooched each other like these two bunnies are doing. My two rats used to pretend to do it. Then the lights went off for bedtime and the brawling started.

Nice bunnies, though. We can use some soothing, can’t we?

8 comments on “Bunny Bliss

  1. Really adorable.

    I may not be around much tomorrow (Thursday), if at all. My apartment building is being changed over to a different electric company, and we’ve been told that unless it rains they’ll have to shut down the electricity from 8am to 4pm — which probably means even later than 4pm. (Sardonicism.) So I’ll be without internet all day, and I don’t want to wear down my phone battery by using it for other than actual calls and checking for urgent emails. How I’m going to store Iggy’s opened food cans will be a problem. Even insulated lunchboxes with freezer blocks aren’t good for 8 hours or more. I’ll be throwing out a lot of cat food tomorrow.

    How I’m going to eat is another problem, since this is an all-electric building, not to mention running out of hot water very early. Oh well. I can rough it for one day. It’s Iggy that I worry about — not just his food but also cleaning up after his daily upchucks.

    1. For myself, I’ll take a loaf of bread out of the refrigerator for the day, and I do have some “emergency rations,” e.g., single-serve chicken and tuna packs, a few cans of vegetables that I can eat cold out of the can, and three kinds of dried fruit, as well as miscellaneous crackers. As long as the water keeps running — I’m going to call the leasing office when they open today to make sure the water isn’t dependent on our own electric pumping system — I’ll be okay. (And if not, I can set out bowls of water for washing, and I know how to treat the toilet as a chamber pot and keep myself from accidentally flushing.)

      It’s Iggy I worry about. He has to eat small amounts at a time. Otherwise, either he just walks off and leaves most of it, or he tries to eat too much and then throws up. So once I open a can of food for him, I have to put the rest in the fridge for later. Without a fridge, I can probably get away with using the insulated lunch box in the morning, but that still means opening and closing the lunch box until the freezer pack gives out. Also, if the water isn’t running, it’s going to be hard to clean up after him if he throws up, especially if he does it on the carpet.

      I’m also going to check with the leasing office as soon as they open, to see whether there’ll be some kind of provision for getting in and out of the garage and the rest of the building. All the doors, garage and building alike, operate electronically with fobs, not manual keys. I know there’s some kind of battery backup for the building door system, but I don’t know how long the backup lasts. And if they do a manual override to keep the garage doors open, they’ll need full-time security guards to keep strangers out.

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