Why We Are Here

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St. John, as played by Richard Harris

I like to think of this blog as a kind of community; but I know it’s a community in which different interpretations of the Bible, especially regarding “end times,” abound.

But the point I want to make is that we are all here. And what are we doing here, with our comments, Bible verses, and various other writings? What are we doing here?

Working. We are all working to serve Christ’s Kingdom. That is what we have in common, in spite of our differing opinions. We belong to different churches, we come from different Christian traditions, we have different experiences… but we are all here, all working as we can in the service of our Savior and our King. How He makes use of us, and how He makes use of our work, is very much up to Him.

So I put my head down and keep on working, as best I can. I think all or most of us are doing that. Some of my work takes the form of writing fantasy novels. So be it: that’s what I do. In the end God will make it all clear. Until then, we work… in His service.

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