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As you can see, I am not dodging live missiles on the Garden State Parkway this morning. We bagged Robbie’s appointment with radioactive iodine, and our regular vet says there are other things we can do by way of treatment.

The main reason for this change of plan was Customer Reviews. From now on we don’t go anywhere without first reading the Customer Reviews.

And the reviews for this place, at the other end of the state, were terrible. Angry, scathing, bad reviews outnumbered the so-so/not-that-awful reviews by at least 10 to 1. (We didn’t find any really good reviews.) Crikey. Dr. Moreau would’ve got better reviews than this place.

The lesson is, read the reviews before you take the plunge. I’m convinced we saved ourselves a world of hurt. (Like, for instance, kill your pet and then hit you with a bill for $5,000 or more. Out of the blue, as it were.) There are villains out there waiting to take advantage of us. Learn from other people’s experiences.

4 comments on “Read the Customer Reviews!

  1. I started reading reviews some time ago. Even bearing in mind that a competitor or a single disgruntled customer or patient can deliberately give multiple bad reviews out of malice, I can still get a good idea of what the general reactions are and what problems seem to be recurrent. Checking the dates of the reviews helps, too, since a single troll will usually post the multi-reviews very close together. At any rate, I’ve avoided some doctors (as well as other venues) because there were so many similar — but differently phrased — complaints over a period of months or years. I’m so glad that Robbie and her family were spared the danger.

    1. You might remember a few years ago, there was a troll who gave my books 1-star reviews on–not that he’d ever read any of them: he just hated Chalcedon and wanted to hurt me for being in that ministry.

      Real readers–including some I’d never heard from before–were quick to defend me, and they got the unfair reviews removed pretty quickly.

      Here there were way too many bad reviews, and no good ones. We considered ourselves forewarned.

  2. Some of the good reviews could also be false. Made by family members or friends.

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