‘Hurt Feelings? Dial 911!’ (2015)

In another month or so, persons with no more sense than God gave a sofa cushion will be going back to college, people who should know better will be paying for it, and police departments might as well think seriously about creating a Hurt Feelings Squad for rapid response to truly idiotic complaints.

Hurt Feelings? Dial 911!

Each and every nuance of human behavior–except, maybe, being dead, or being all alone in the woods–can be viewed as a “microaggression” and thereby subject to government response.

Trust me on this. If the United States really does go belly-up someday, nothing will be more to blame than our so-called public education system.

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  1. Yes, we all have the right to never feel bad.

    Some years back, I took a technical training course, which put me in company with some of the younger generation. I never saw such a bunch of crybabies in my life, and if they made a mistake, they would never admit it.

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