‘So You Want Your Teen to Be Reading… This?’ (2015)

This was a “Kids’ Daily Deal” on amazon.com a few years ago, and supposedly a New York Times Best-seller.

So You Want Your Teen to be Reading… This?

Hey, let’s glamorize serial killers! They’re not all bad! There’ve gotta be some good ones, right?

And so we drift imperceptibly into situational ethics–which is a euphemism for no ethics, no moral standards, at all. Real standards don’t change from moment to moment, according to whatever’s most convenient.

There are a lot of people warning us that we’re in danger of breaking our civilization.

We should listen.

3 comments on “‘So You Want Your Teen to Be Reading… This?’ (2015)

  1. That book sounds utterly disgusting. As for “Silence of the Lambs,” I was appalled by how many of my colleagues found the jokes about cannibalism amusing. It’s possible that most of them had been blessed by never having been confronted by true evil in their lives. As for me, I wouldn’t even watch the film once I knew what it was about and had heard the “cool” jokes about it. Ugh.

    1. When that book came out and was a best-seller, I had an editor exhort me to write a book imitating “Silence of the Lambs.” I couldn’t bring myself to try (even as desperate as I was for publication at the time).

  2. There is so much filth in the world. People don’t want beauty, goodness, or truth. They want death and horror. I’d say that the last two decades have more than vindicated those of us who believe in total depravity; things have just gone from bad to worse, with people sinking further and further into debauched imaginations until we now have cannibalism and serial killers actually on the list of ‘things we’re going to start glamorizing’.

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