‘Bad Culture… Bad Politics?’ (2018)

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The one good thing to come out of the pandemic was that finally, at last, parents saw and heard what their children were being “taught” in public schools–and have begun to rise up against it.

But adults are still all la-di-dah about what they’re teaching themselves.

Bad Culture… Bad Politics?

“Entertainment,” manufactured by Hollywood and mindlessly consumed: it’s gotten so that a movie without filthiness, perversion, hatred of God and man, comes across as outstandingly eccentric. And TV is worse, if that were possible.

Every day we fill our minds with pap created by moral imbeciles. It’s catching up to us. Or should I say it’s caught us?

‘So You Want Your Teen to Be Reading… This?’ (2015)

This was a “Kids’ Daily Deal” on amazon.com a few years ago, and supposedly a New York Times Best-seller.

So You Want Your Teen to be Reading… This?

Hey, let’s glamorize serial killers! They’re not all bad! There’ve gotta be some good ones, right?

And so we drift imperceptibly into situational ethics–which is a euphemism for no ethics, no moral standards, at all. Real standards don’t change from moment to moment, according to whatever’s most convenient.

There are a lot of people warning us that we’re in danger of breaking our civilization.

We should listen.

‘Bad Culture… Bad Politics?’ (2018)

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I’d really like to shut off the nooze this weekend. Boy, our country’s been in deep trouble for a long time! For instance:

Bad Culture… Bad Politics?

I’ve had it explained to me: Pushing policies like “transgender,” encouraging riots, and Critical Race Theory breed both rage and chaos, both very useful to persons interested in replacing America with something else–that they will own and control. But I don’t know anyone like that. I do know a lot of useful idiots who go along with it because they believe the schiff they’re told and it makes them feel good about themselves.

We may eventually finish formal schooling, but informal schooling, by means of “entertainment,” goes on forever.

God help us.