‘A Mild Species of Dictatorship’

Agent guards the Federal Building September 11, 2001 in Los Angeles, CA.

Goon squad!

In light of the rogue FBI’s “raid” on Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, we can’t help noticing certain remarks made by Far Left Crazy just before that news broke.

The Washington Post (“Democracy dies in darkness!”–unless, of course, it’s Democrat darkness) sez “If the planet continues to burn, we will need a more flexible Constitution.” And Barron’s business journal calls for “a mild species of dictatorship” (https://afn.net/opinion/robert-knight/2022/08/09/abusing-power-while-they-can/), Robert Knight reports.

In light of the raid on Mar-a-Lago, it looks like we’ve already got one.

Oh! But surely just a mild dictatorship won’t hurt us any! And maybe they’ll give us some of our rights back if we do as they say. C’mon! Just a little teeny-weeny bit of dictatorship! Try it, you’ll like it!

They aren’t pretending anymore. Pretending to be Americans. The FBI has been fundamentally transformed into a Democrat Party goon squad. Our tax dollars pay for it.

How “flexible” would they like their constitution? Just enough to Save The Planet? Just enough to get everybody “vaccinated” for Monkeypox, whatever–whether they like it or not? Just enough to shut down comment they don’t like? “Flexible” is a very flexible word!

We all know they’re going to cheat in the midterm elections. They have nothing to offer America, other than “a mild species of dictatorship.” And guess who’ll be the dictators.

This coming election may be our last chance to preserve our republic.

God defend us.

9 comments on “‘A Mild Species of Dictatorship’

  1. The more we learn about this latest operation, the more ominous it gets. I’m not even sure we’ll have a real election in November, any more than we had a real one in 2020. And they’re not even pulling their punches now about stopping Trump from running in 2024 — assuming we’re still having even Potemkin elections by then — or about what they’ll do to any other non-RINO Republican who runs in 2024. If they succeed this time around, we really won’t have a Constitutional Republic any more. And none of us will be safe. They have all our records, including these posts in which we reveal ourselves as dissidents.

    1. Even so, we have to stand up and by counted–and do it in a way so that no one believes it when the Democrats bring out fake numbers.

  2. FBI Christopher Wray was before the Senate Committed just days before this raid. Now I know why he had that smirk on his face, he knew the raid was coming. Ley’s see what the warrant said/

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