Pushback! Voters Defund Local Library

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They voted No, all right

Voters in Jamestown Township, Michigan, overwhelmingly voted to defund their local library rather than have it continue to offer “LGBTQ graphic novels” (https://www.bridgemi.com/michigan-government/upset-over-lgbtq-books-michigan-town-defunds-its-library-tax-vote). (“Graphic novel” is simply a comic book that isn’t funny.)

Noozies are rending their garments over this, attributing the library’s 25-point defeat to “Christian nationalists” being mean and uninclusive. They sound like they’ve been sent to bed without supper.

Residents kept showing up at meetings of the library board to complain about the lewd content that public money was praying for. The library refused to remove the “LGBTQ” books, so residents organized to vote down the library’s funding.

It is expected the library will shut down early next year when it runs out of money.

Hey, we toldja.

[Sheesh, it’s hard to type with my eyes dilated! Guess I’d better wait a little longer before I try again.]

5 comments on “Pushback! Voters Defund Local Library

  1. Well, well, every now and then, something positive really does happen. I am gratified to be called mean, and non-inclusive. I have a horror of being included in crowds of evil.

  2. Happy to see that people actually came out and voted to defund that library. I hope that this is a real country-changing trend.

  3. As long as we stand with God, put Him first, and no fear, we are unstoppable. And this is what they are afraid of. We cannot fear death. They play us with the continuous fear fake games. 2 Timothy 1:7 God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and a sound mind. satan is the father of lies and confusion and why they are going so wacko.

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