New Thought Crime: ‘Election Denial’

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Democrats have been trying for years to get “Climate Change Denial” declared a crime, punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. They’re still working on that, but now they’ve come up with another offense that they think ought to get you into a world of hurt–

“Election Denial” (

Far Left Stupid think tanks have been fuming over “the myth of voter fraud”–hell’s bells, there ain’t no voter fraud! Joe Biden spends most of the campaign hiding in his cellar, nobody comes to his rallies… and he still gets 81 million “votes” (heh-heh), more than Obama got, by Jove! Nothin’ wrong here.

Now, you must understand… it’s only Election Denial when Republicans do it. After Election Day, 2016, Democrats everywhere spent every single day for the next four years denying Donald Trump’s electoral victory. Never coulda happened! We was robbed! Hillary’s the rightful president! Robert “Meat-head” Reiner even declared that Hillary Clinton should just “take over,” election be damned.

When Democrats do it, it’s not Election Denial. Denying 2016 is not Election Denial, but denying the travesty in 2020… is. Got that?

At least now we know that what they want is a “mild species of dictatorship” backed up by a “flexible” Constitution that lets them crush anyone who gets in their way. They’ve made that crystal-clear.

They’ll still get the chucklehead vote. They won’t have to cheat for that.


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  1. Their dictatorship hasn’t been very mild so far for the political prisoners still rotting in solitary confinement for having entered the Capitol on 6 Jan 21– some of them having been waved in by the police. One detainee has even died in captivity. The vaxx mandates haven’t been too mild either, nor have the vaxxes themselves, which seem to be killing an inordinate number of people in their 20s through 40s. I’d hate to see what the “mild” dictatorship will do when it ramps up to “moderate.” But we’re beginning to see it anyway, aren’t we?

    And isn’t it funny that they’ve already begun to throw around veiled threats about what will be done to anyone who dares to question the outcome of another Potemkin election, maybe the 2022 midterms, hmmmm?

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